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By Traci Gangl, Registrar, 11/29/19, 8:00PM CST


UPDATE:   Thanks to a "sock sponsor" all players will receive a pair of game socks!  Let me know sizes ASAP, please!


Coach Woodley would like our players to all have the same hockey socks to wear at games and tournaments.

Clafton's will provide a group discount if all are ordered at the same time, so I am arranging that.  I will know a final price after I talk to Paul. The regular price is $29.99

I need to know, ASAP, what size you would like your player to have.  Sizes are 30", 25" and 21".

Here are some basic hockey sock sizing guidelines:
20" - 22" Small - Generally 4-7 Yrs Old - Mini-Mites/Mites

24" - 25" Medium - Generally 8-11 Yrs Old - Squirts Some PeeWees

28" Large - Generally 12-15 Yrs Old - PeeWees, Bantams and small Midgets

30" - 32" X-Large - Bantam/Midget/Adults (A good standard is if you are taller than 6', order X-Large, if you are shorter than 6' order Large)

Sizes available are 30", 25" and 21".

You can text me the size for your player at 218-256-1100